Jan 22, 2006

A speech, held by Nimrod Kamer, at the Tzavta hall at the Directors Union forum to go on strike against "Hot", 13.1.2006

Dear Friends,

My name is Nimrod Kamer and I am 24 years old.

I am actually the youngest member of the board of directors, and also the youngest speaker here today.

In these days I am directing an horror
movie, along side with my friends and colleagues, under the independent body that we have founded named “Avriri Cinema”.

Up ‘til one year ago I was a film student in the Jerusalem, and can not think of a less profitable period of my life..

Not only that I had to spend a fortune on my films, I also had no possession on them, as they were the sole property of the school.

I thought, very naively so, that it is natural, that as a student I have no rights on my works, and that after school things would obviously change.

Apparently I was wrong.

Yesterday I decided to disengage from my “Hot”* account. Eager enough to do so I dialed asterisk 6900 and began to wait. 80 nis** I used to pay “Hot” every month, only for my internet account, and today I am no longer willing to pay them even this small amount. Still, after not being able to get any answer from the “Hot” customer hot-line I am still a paying member, for the sole reason of not being able to get them on the phone.

During that hanging period, waiting for the operator, I understood the meaning of some of the power held by the cable companies. Also, I understood that by waiting for “Hot” for forever we will not achieve any of our goals.

The ultimatum, about to presented to you by my friend Amit Lior, in the end of today’s assembly, is the way to divert the clock in our favor. From now on we can be the ones holding the stopper watches, dictating the disengagement schedules. We must be stubborn and tough enough ‘til the very submission of this conglomerate.

We will strike, bite, convince and change this reality. We will protest and get arrested. We shell demand our rightful rights.

This Union will no longer be a depressing and an asexual institute. Today, with your help, the union changes it’s face.

Thank You.

* ”Hot” is Israel’s leading cable TV company.
** ”NIS” is the Israeli currency.

This speech was held at the “Tzavta” hall in Tel Aviv, Israel, at the Writers and Directors Union forum to go on strike against “Hot”, 13.1.2006.