Dec 26, 2006

Mini Israel \ (aka: 'Hofit') \ \ 19 min. \\ film by Nimrod Kamer \\ (English Subtitles) \ \

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Hofit is a waitress at a coffee shop in the city of Tel Aviv. She is totally sick of the big city; the boys, the beach, the sushi bars - she can't stand it no more. The thing is that: in Israel there are no other options. If you want to find a job or to live on your own - Tel Aviv is the default location.
One day Hofit finds an escape hatch to the dilemma - she will move over to 'Mini Israel': A miniature 1:25 size model of Israel, and live in a smaller and lighter Tel Aviv.

Some of her friends try to make her stay in real-size Tel Aviv. Among them are poet Roy 'Chicky' Arad and the paintings of Roee Rosen.

Malki Tesler plays Hofit, the genre is a Mockumentary.

Photography: Nimrod Kamer
Editing: Avi Schneebaum
Soundtrack: E.B Dan
Sound Editing: Eli Pikover

The film is a part of the AVRIRI filmmakers group, 2006.

Film's website:

Avriri Manifesto [1] , Avriri Website [2].