Jan 24, 2007

Beautiful Tamarhindi \ جميلة تمر هندي \ (undone film)

A film proposal by Nimrod Kamer (2005 pitching attempt), sequal to Nimrod Kamer and Yuval Zuker's short film "Beautiful Tamar" (Tel Aviv 2005), [website].

Brief Synopsis:

Zuker and Nimrod, two Israelis, arrive to Amman from Tel Aviv in order to escape the exhausting Jewish holidays. In a local Carob juice-shop, downtown Amman, they meet Tamarhindi and fall in love with her at once.
Together the three embark on a triangular hang-out journey throughout Amman’s scenery's and night life, vividly exploring new frontiers, restraint, and awareness, in this Israeli-Jordanian, yet totally Arab - love story.

Final length: 80 minutes \ 35mm \ Color \
Language: 95% Arabic (with Hebrew and English subtitles)
Director & Writer: Nimrod Kamer (Israel)
Producer: ?
Cinema-Photographer: (Israel) \ ?
Cast: Nimrod Kamer \ Yuval Zuker \ Jordanian Girl (still to be decided)
Editing: In a Jordanian film studio (still to be decided)

Casting & Location Touring Time: 1 week
Rehearsals Time: 5 days of learning Zuker & Nimrod how to say their lines in Arabic.
Shooting Time: 1 week (Amman only) - exact dates still to be decided.
Editing Time: 3.5 weeks
Total working time: 5.9 weeks

Downtown Amman, set for "Beautiful Tamarhindi".

Beautiful Tamarhindi \ A rough scene description

scene 01
Zuker and Nimrod are on the back sit of a Jordanian taxi. They are on their way to Amman. They are impressed by the scenery's and try to explain to the taxi driver that they are originally from Romania (Nimrod) and Poland (Zuker), and not form Israel. The driver, convinced that they are Israelis, is driving very fast and constantly testing their national knowledge of Romania & Poland.
When the taxi reaches Amman center it appears to Nimrod and Zuker that they have only shekels (the Israeli currency) and the driver is willing to exchange it to Jordan dinar only if they admit that they are Israelis after all.

scene 02
Zuker and Nimrod are on the main street of downtown Amman. They buy galabiyas and then enter a juice stand. The juice stand owner is very nice and has a photo of his father and of king Abdullah on the wall. Zuker is ordering a Carob drink and Nimrod orders a Tamar-Hindi drink. They drink from each other’s glasses in order to taste both flavors.
An the corner of the shop appears to sit a beautiful girl, drinking some other kind of flavor. Nimrod asks her (in Arabic) for her name, and she answers him - “Tamarhindi”. She then asks Nimrod of the name of his friend Zuker, Nimrod tells her the name, and Tamarindi makes fun of it, telling an Arab joke about it. Zuker is baffled and confused by the joke.




For full synopsis of the planned film: [pdf].