Feb 14, 2007

Shani \ A film synopsis for Berlinale \ Feb 2007

Fiction \ full length \ Israeli -German Co-Production 2007\8

Plot outline:

Shani and Ron are engaged to be married. They are living together in a wealthy area in the city of Tel Aviv, Israel. Ron is an IDF air force transport pilot, Shani is an art graduate. They've been a couple for two years.

As situation in the Gaza strip is getting worse every day, dozens of people are dying from shells and helicopter rockets in the 2006 Israel-Lebanon crisis, criticism on the pilots, as well as their commanders is getting stronger also at home. Still- situation at the actual home of Shani and Ron remains constant - Shani is waiting for Ron to return home in weekends, while understanding the reasons why she can not see him as often as she likes.

Shani is not troubled by the fact that her fiancé is an IDF pilot, but rather from the fact that he is not taking her out and refuses to put on his shoes when ever he's home, relaxing his feet on the table. He is even not keen to have sex with her, yet ultimately he never refuses. She sometimes feels that for him she is just another joystick target, a mate to show off with to pilot friends.

On a daily basis Shani wonders around the city, meeting artists and local non-drafted celebrities. They frustrate her even more. Shani is a very sexual person. She reaches an agreement with Ron to allow her to have sexual relations with at least one girl that she is attracted to.

The film turns to it's finale as Shani is having her birthday. Since the birthday falls on the annual mourning day of late prime minister Rabin (the couple's apartment is located right across his assassination square) Shani decides to postpone the party for a week. Ron is taking special leave from the army to attend.

All of Shani artist left wing friends attend the party, as well as all of Ron's IDF commanders and co-pilots. The two groups are quite friendly to one another. No one talks politics for the entire night. Shani is getting drunk and feels free to have sex with every one of her friends during the party, boys and girls; since Ron is there she doesn't see it as going behind his back. She does it on the roof and in the toilets, in the kitchen and on the back yard. All the people that she used to tease suddenly become a target. Funny enough - Ron is in the living room with his friends, noticing it all but keep on talking to his friends. Finally she has sex with him as well, shouting as hard as she can, trying to tease her friends even more.

Film Objectives

"Shani" aims to portray the ordinary life of a pilot's fiancé in Israel. Typically she is studying art and managing a life of ignorance and restraint. Shani does not want to disappoint anyone - neither her friends nor her husband. In modern day Tel Aviv it doesn't seem to be a problem. Shani is a teaser, caught in a cycle of ambivalent society and a very fading husband to be.

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