Jan 5, 2007

Night In Ashdod \ documentary video \ 1:32 hours \

Shot in Ashdod*, Israel, July 2006, a city in which the ratio of women to men is 1,046 to 1,000. A group of three party-goers from Tel Aviv come to experience and enjoy the local night life and people.

The three are: Nimrod Kamer (25, A journalist and a junior high school teacher), Roy 'Chicky' Arad (29, A poet and a TV script writer) and lovely Dana Guidetti (a Julie Andrews style IBM worker and local Tel Avivan debutante).

As Kamer takes the camera most of time and Dana drives the car the three are able to reach out the sexiest most desirable locations in Ashdod: A Beach Car-Pool party, 4 of the hottest clubs, most beautiful Ashdodian dancers and - A fancy fish restaurant.

This is a documentary - and takes an hour and half, as no essential parts were cut from the almost real and original time of the night.

The video is a part of The Middle East Night Life Serious by Nimrod Kamer and Roy Arad. Other episodes: http://video.google.com/videosearch?q=night+chicky+nimrod.

*Ashdod in wikipedia: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ashdod.