Jan 2, 2007

The Tel Aviv Post Massacre

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The Tel Aviv Post Massacre (in Hebrew: טבח הדואר של תל אביב) is an attempt to make a first full length Zionist horror picture show in the city of Tel Aviv, Israel according to the "Avriri Manifesto" [1] and as a soft remake of the American genre establishing film The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974). The project creator was Nimrod Kamer.
The film is an attempt, since it was never completed. It was due to be screened in the Israeli complex of "Cinema-City" in the summer of 2006. Only one shooting day had taken place, but the "film" got enormous treatment by Israeli press and cinema societies. A short story was also published depicting the process of it's script writing and production. A story on the director Nimrod Kamer was broad-casted on Israeli TV on february 2006, comparing him to Peter Jackson.

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Behind the scenes video and video clip from film (English)
"When Madeleine Stowe Cries: Short Stories on Cinema" a cinema related story book published in 2007, including the fictional story "From The Production Of An Israeli Horror Movie" by Nimrod Kamer. Direct link: [2].

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video 1 - behind the scenes of the 2nd murder scene + editing attempt
video 2 - behind the scenes of the 1st murder scene and the chase through Raines St.