Apr 16, 2007

Stephanie Kaye Smiles

Stephanie Kaye
In retrospect, the pause scene that most affected me growing up, and also the most conclusive TV moment I remember is when I saw Stephanie Kaye, most popular girl of Degrassi Junior High smiles embarrassingly after going on a date with Wheels (Derek Wheeler).

In the episode, called "The Best Laid Plans", there is a rumor all over school that Steph is going to go "all the way" with Wheels. While Wheels is buying a condom at Steph's mom drugstore Stephanie herself wares the most shining pink pens. The date goes wrong and never profiled.

Stephanie's smile at the end of the episode when Voula asks her "Stephanie, you weren't really gonna do anything, were you?" is so charming and correct, it embodies every aspect of that first season of Degrassi Junior High.

It's not clear what would have happened; if Stephanie and Wheels's date would have gone down as planed - yet still the mere unanswered question of Voula and the look on Steph's face at the end pulls out this smile from her, unparalled in television standards that known in any other school TV drama.


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