Apr 12, 2007

Israel Blogosphere

Wikipedia article created by Nimrod Kamer:

Israel's blogosphere is a small community of blogs that comment largely on Israel politics, media, society and occurrences.
The first noticeable blog that is recalled is the 2005
Velvet Underground blog [1] by journalist Dvorit Shargal. That blog used the "velvet" pseudonym and published never before written daily media news and behind the scenes action in Israel's biggest media corporate boards.

The most famous blog hosting websites in Israel are: Israblog [2] (in hebrew: ישראבלוג), Notes [3] (in hebrew: reshimot, רשימות), Blogli [4] (in hebrew: בלוגלי), TheMarker Blogs [5] and Tapuz [6] (in hebrew: תפוז).
There are two blog tracing websites for Israeli blogs: Webster - (hebrew)
[7] and (english) [8], and Isralated (english) [9].

Notable Blogs

Academy and Politics
Benny Zifer, in
Haaretz newspaper website [10].
Gadi Taub, self made, [11].
Mati Shemoelof, in Notes, [12].
'Lahats Hevraty' by Yoav Ribak and Yair Tarziski, in Israblog,
Nimrod Kamer, in Blogli,

Cinemascope by Yair Raveh, self made,

Jonathan Klinger, in TheMarker Blogs,

Andi Gutmans, in blogspot, [17].
'Room 404', self made by Ido Kenan,

English Israeli Blogs
Am Echad, in
blogspot, [19].
Simply Jews, in
blogspot, [20].
Lisa Goldman, in
blogware, [21].
A Soldier's Mother in
blogspot, [22].


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