Apr 10, 2007

I Love Yiddish - Tel Aviv night life

Nimrod Kamer, Dana Guidetti

"I Love Yiddish" is the slogan written on shirt on the left. It is similar to the popular "I Love NY" (New York) and "I Love NJ" (New Jersey) T-Shirt slogans. This I Love Yiddish shirt is widely popular in Tel Aviv. It is an initiative of the Leyvik House - the city's center for Yiddish culture.

Dana Guidetti (right in the photo) is a local debutante. She is seen sitting in the Cantina [1] restaurant, Tel Aviv's central scene of good time and Cava champagne.


Leyvik House website, Debutante in wikipedia, "A Night in Ashdod" - video starring Dana Guidetti, Asaf Galay & Nimrod Kamer with the Yiddish shirts.